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TecLine Sticker NITROX 30 x 22,5 cm (pol. ver.) 5.90 Edit Images Delete
50 Places To Dive Before You Die 39.90

These wonderful creatures--plus the brilliant coral reefs that often provide their backdrop--are captured in 40 gorgeous color photos from the world's greatest underwater photographers. And for readers who want to travel to these breathtaking locales, Santella provides complete "If You Go" suggestions to help you plan your trip.

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Ameo Powerbreather - Wave Edition Snorkel 149.90 Edit Images Delete
Anti-Fog Bottle 4.90 Edit Images Delete
Apeks Mini Pressure Gauge 89.90 Apeks mini pressure gauge is a accurate 350 bar pressure gauge in a compact form. This robust gauge fits directly into the HP port of a pony regulator and removes the need for a trailing hose.

Specifications :

  • 23mm in diameter
  • compatible with 300 bar cylinders
  • pressure scale: up to 350 bar
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Apeks Sidemount Set 500.00 Edit Images Delete
Apeks TEK3 Regulator Set 839.90 Edit Images Delete
Apneautic Freediving Line 39.90 High quality static freediving line from Apneautic, made of highly durable PPV / Multitex fiber material.

Offering high strength with minimal elongation (>4%) and excellent resistance to abrasions.

The PPV material is non-flamable, positively buoyant and does not harden even after years of usage.

Light weight and dries quickly thanks to its non-absorbing properties.

Available in 10 and 12 mm diameter.

Colour : Yellow or Blue 

Terms :

* Please indicate the colour of line upon ordering. 

* Scubareefing do not accept responsibility of exchange for any wrong order purchase. 

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AQL Pressure Gauge Air 300 Bar 89.90 Lightweight high-pressure compressor for the full air supply on site. Ready for mobile or on the stable grounds. "> Edit Images Delete
Aqua Lung Aquilon Purge Valve 39.90 Edit Images Delete
Aqua Lung FX Shot FX Open Heel Fins 139.90 Edit Images Delete
Aqua lung Legend Supreme ACD Din Set (incl. Octopus) 609.90 Edit Images Delete