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Aqua lung Legend Supreme ACD Din Set (incl. Octopus) 609.90 Edit Images Delete
Aqua Lung Snorkeling Pack Kids 59.90 Edit Images Delete
Aqua Lung T8 AQL Rolling Back Pack 200.00 Edit Images Delete
Aqua Lung Wireless High Pressure Transmitter 359.90 Aqua Lung’s Transmitters, used in conjunction with a compatible wrist computer, allow you to monitor current pressure and gas time remaining without a stiff high pressure hose, while providing a more streamlined profile.


- Hoseless Gas Pressure Transmission for the i450T and i750T
- Once set, the transmitter is permanently paired and will not accidentally pair with other computers
- Battery is user changeable and commercially available
- Nitrox compatible up to 40% 

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Aqua Pencil Starter Kit 29.90 Purchase an Aqua Pencil Starter Kit and you will get the Aqua Pencil, Aqua Tether, Aqua Slate, Aqua Lead Pack, and an Aqua Pencil Eraser. This is the full kit to get you started again on writing underwater or near the water. The Aqua Pencil Kit is available in 8 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Pink and Purple.

The Slate provided in this kit has been specially designed to fit the Aqua Pencil. It has a basket to capture the tip and a spot for the pencil to snap on. There is a hole designed to accept the Aqua Tether. A slot and larger hole provide various means to attach the slate to your gear. The Slate is 4" wide x 6" high.

Terms and Conditions : 

Scubareefing is not responsible for any wrong order/purchase of book and no refund/exchange can be conducted after receiving. Quality of product will be assured. 

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Aqua-Lumen Led Light 5 W - Aluminium / Plastic 69.90 Edit Images Delete
Aqualung Bali 3mm Fullsuit 399.00 Edit Images Delete
asd 12.00 Edit Images Delete
Atomic ARC Mask 499.00

What is ARC lens technology?

Anti-Reflective Coatings or “ARC” is a multi-layer metal oxide coating process applied to both sides of the UltraClear lenses.

This allows more light to enter the mask by reducing light reflections off the inside and outside surface of the lens. The metal oxide coating is only a few microns thick.

Why do you need ARC technology lenses?

Between 4-14% of light can be reflected back or “lost” by the standard “green float glass” mask lenses used by our competition. ARC technology lenses are especially important for SCUBA divers underwater, where available light is quickly absorbed by the surrounding water.

What is the underwater benefit of ARC for divers?

• Clearer, crisper vision. You will see more clearly underwater and objects in the distance will become more defined and acute.

• Increased contrast and clarity.

• Reduces eyestrain, glare, and prevents ghost images on the viewing area of the lens.

• An absolute must for night diving, limited visibility conditions, and underwater photographers.

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Bare XCD2 Tech Dry Suit 790.90 Edit Images Delete
Beaver Standard Dive Slate 19.90 Conveniently A5 sized multi use dive slate with dive pencil on elastic cord & quick release attachment clip for ease of use underwater. 

Extremely durable shatterproof corrosion free material. 

Size: 15cm x 13cm.

Terms :

* Please note that the dive slate will be assured and no return/refund will be allowed upon purchase, delivery and acceptance. 

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Best Divers Big Dry Box 19.90 Edit Images Delete