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Cressi Med Shorty 499.00 Edit Images Delete
Cressi Morea Fullsuit 499.00 Edit Images Delete
Cressi Occhio Plus Corsica 39.90 Edit Images Delete
Cressi Palau Snorkeling Set 59.90 Edit Images Delete
Cressi Pluma Bag (Mask Perla + Snorkel Gamma + Fins Pluma) 59.90 Edit Images Delete
Cressi Rash Guard Long Sleeve 29.90 Edit Images Delete
Cressi Rash Guard Short Sleeve 29.90 Edit Images Delete
Cressi Rondinella Bag (Mask Onda + Snorkel Gringo + Fin Rondinella) 49.90 Edit Images Delete
Cressi Skorpion 39.90 "> Edit Images Delete
Cressi T10-Sc Master 419.90

The advantages of this particular design include better arrangement of the hoses and less space occupied (especially in SC versions for cold water). What's more, this makes it remarkably easy to inspect and access the mechanism to improve maintenance and calibration operations, it uses a larger, high-efficiency conical filter, and the valves are arranged more easily on the tank.

The metal body is protected on the surface by a special treatment called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), which compared to traditional chrome coatings is exceptionally resilient to the mechanical and chemical wear caused by dives.

The DIN fitting has a generous metallic handwheel to make it easier to use in extreme conditions. The Master Ellipse second stage has installed the exceptional and proven Cressi balanced valve to ensure minimum inhalation effort.

This valve is paired with a body with metallic parts treated in PVD. What's more, the knob for adjusting inhalation effort is made of a metallic material to guarantee reliability and resistance to blows and scratches. CERTIFICATION EN250/2014 FOR COLD WATER

The T10-SEAL CHAMBER 1st stage is environmentally sealed, protecting it against icing in cold water and against contamination from particulate matter in silty conditions. When paired with the Master second stage, which includes an internal heat exchanger, this regulator is an excellent choice for divers exploring the most extreme cold water environment.

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Darkbuster 5R Rechargeable LED Flashlight 79.90 An excellent primary or back-up LED dive torch that is light, bright and rechargeable. 

-Waterproof to 300 ft /100 m
-High-Intensity LED: more than 370Lm
-Super bright CREE LED XRE Q5 chip
-Also workable out of water
-3 lighting modes: Turbo / General / Strobe
-Run Time: 240mins (Turbo) / 390mins (General) / 480mins (Strobe)
-Casing material: Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
-Super compact
-Energy efficient design and excellent quality of the LED guarantees a lifespan of 50,000 hours of burn time, reducing the need for frequent replacement of the bulb
-Use Li-ion rechargeable batteries
-Compact Size: 3.67 x 15cm (D x L)
-Weight: 200gm (excluding battery)
-Universal plug and AC to DC 5V Adapter
-Overcharge protection
-With a plastic hook
-2 years warranty
-Japan PSE (compliant) rechargeable li-ion battery

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Deco For Divers 49.90
Deco For Divers 
"What I wanted was an intermediate overview that went into more detail but wasn't written for academics or researchers. When I became a technical diving instructor I started teaching other people about decompression theory.I tried to give an overview of decompression theory at this intermediate level to give my students a better understanding of what was happening during decompression dives.

 This was always very popular amongst divers who, like me, had always wanted to understand more about the concepts and models underlying decompression theory. I was always being asked if I could recommend a good book which covered this area but as before, there was no such text available. Over time I started giving out notes for the decompression theory portion of my courses and these notes started building. Initially they were just a few pages but the notes became more and more comprehensive and started to cover more and more areas. Eventually they grew into this book."

What the Experts say

 | This is a truly remarkable book which covers all the various theories of decompression and ascents for divers in a most readable and understanding manner. There is no other comprehensive book on decompression to my knowledge which is so easy to read and understand by the average recreational or technical diver.

 Peter B. Bennett, Ph.D., D.Sc. Executive Director, UHMS. Emeritus Professor of Anesthesiology, Duke University Medical Center. Founder & 1st President, DAN
This is the most comprehensive and well-written text I've seen that attempts to explain decompression theory to divers.

Dr Richard Vann Assistant Research Professor in Anesthesiology, Safety Officer and Director of Applied Research at the Duke Hyperbaric Center, and Vice President for Research at DAN.

This book is a "must read" for those who have ever wondered about decompression tables and how they are created. It is a straight forward book and devoid of technical jargon. It starts with the scientific giants who developed the physics of the gas laws and the physiology of diving and ends with M-values and tissue bubbles. For the curious diver – and all divers should be – it will be money well spent!

Michael R. Powell, MS, PhD. NASA (retired), Medical Sciences Division, Johnson Space Center, Texas

Winner Eurotek 2010 - Publication of Significance Award

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