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Dining with Divers: A Taste For Adventure (Volume 2) 39.90 Monica Tindall – Editor, The Yum List

In their Dining with Divers series, Simon Pridmore and David Strike invite you to join them at their table to listen to stories and try dishes served up by a gathering of some of the great and the good of the scuba diving world. Explorers, record-breakers, innovators, designers, entrepreneurs and raconteurs all compete for your attention and taste buds in this first volume of a unique series of diving story cookbooks.

For many divers, the next best thing to being underwater is talking about being underwater. And there is no better occasion for this than when sitting enjoying a meal together with like-minded friends. Simon and David knew that divers generally love to eat but they didn’t expect to find that so many had such impressive culinary skills. The dishes they propose vary from cookouts to curries, from Thai salad to Flemish stew and from jellied eels to vegan cupcakes: there really is something for everyone. The personal accounts of underwater adventure range from shipwreck discoveries to iceberg exploration and encounters with big animals: each dive is a delight.

You won’t know whether to keep this book in your kitchen cabinet or on the bedside table.

(They had so much fun making the first of these unique cookbook / storybooks, they did it again!

Great reading! Written as if the diver is telling the tale around the dinner table to friends. As a diver, I’m also inspired to visit some of the dive sites featured and see for myself. The recipes I love because they are “home cooking”: dishes that “normal” people would like to have a go at making." 

Penelope Williams Executive Chef and Owner of Bali Asli Restaurant.
"Anyone who has ever sat around a table with a bunch of divers, right after they get out of the water, will know that the word "dining" is something of a misnomer. "Gorging" would be better description of the vast, rapid intake of calories taking place. Divers DO love their food, and this book harnesses their passion for both the water and culinary worlds. This compilation of exploits underwater and at the stove stands tall amongst the many books by and about divers - as something entertaining, useful and memorable. Well done!"

Rainer Sigel, Founder of Asian Diver Magazine and ADEX: now co-owner of Churrasco Phuket Steakhouse

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Dining with Divers: Tales from the Kitchen Table (Volume 1) 39.99

"Gorging" would be better description of the vast, rapid intake of calories taking place. Divers DO love their food, and this book harnesses their passion for both the water and culinary worlds. This compilation of exploits underwater and at the stove stands tall amongst the many books by and about divers - as something entertaining, useful and memorable. Well done!” Rainer Sigel, Founder of Asian Diver Magazine and ADEX: now co-owner of Churrasco Phuket Steakhouse

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Divein Neoprene Dive Booties 59.90 Nice cool pair of high quality dive booties suitable for free divers when free diving within tropical climate regions environments waters. 

Description : 

  • High quality 5mm neoprene dive booties from Divein. 
  • Made from pre-compressed neoprene. 
  • Cuts and abrasion resistant Supratex exterior. 
  • Equipped with no-skid rubber sole and lateral zipper.

Colour : Black
Material : Sheico Neoprene 
Thickness : 5mm

Sizes Available : S, M, L, XL and XXL

Terms and conditions : 

Quality will be assured, hence no refund or exchange after payment and acceptance of product. 

*Please indicate the colour and size of booties upon ordering. 

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Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Bali (Diving & Snorkeling Guides 2019 Book 4) Kindle Edition 29.90 Edit Images Delete
Diving Log 7.90 You're a scuba diver and want to log your dives on your tablet or PC? Then Diving Log is the right app for you! 

You can leave your handwritten paper logbook safely at home and still access all your dives and other important data on your Windows device. 

You can enter your dives either directly in Diving Log Touch or you can use the desktop version of Diving Log (www.divinglog.de) to download your dives from your dive computer to your PC and then sync it to Diving Log Touch. 

Beside your dives you can enter other useful data, e.g. equipment, dive sites and certifications.

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Dust Cap DIN Tank Valve - Aluminium 12.90 Edit Images Delete
ECOROX Waterproof Speakers 149.90 Key Features : 

100% waterproof – IPX7 approved

Boyant floating design

Mountable with the integrated standard ¼” camera style screw mount

Full-range stereo speakers with passive woofer and built-in waterproof mic for    

                speakerphone function

Built-in auxiliary in jack for an optional wired audio connection

Rubberized exterior protects from drops and everyday abuse

Controls for power, pairing, volume, skip, play, pause, and speakerphone answer

Available in 3 colors – red, orange, and black


Height: 2.5″

Width: 5.3″

Depth: 3″

Weight: 11 oz

Battery Life: 10 hours

Charge Time: 2.5 hours

Inclusive Of : 

Micro USB Charging Jack

3.5mm Aux-In Jack

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Carabiner clip


Recently ECOXGEAR reached out to us with an opportunity to fully test and review their small yet mighty ECOROX waterproof speaker. Never one to turn a blind eye to innovation (and boomin’ tunes) we gladly accepted the challenge and began testing over a month ago. For the sake of what this speaker was built to handle we extended our standard 2 week testing period to more than a month. Our goal: to put this speaker through the ringer and see if it came out the other side playing audio. With testing now complete there’s little left to do but share our results… so, with out further adieu here we go!

 Review and Design : 

The entire ECOROX system is surprisingly compact (2.5″ x 5.3″ x 3″) and lightweight (less than 1 lbs) – fitting nicely in your hand, making it an ideal speaker for travel. Some stand-out design features that caught our attention throughout testing were the integrated ¼” screw mount at the bottom, which makes it simple to attach the ECOROX to any camera mount you might already own as well as the bike mount and suction cup mount sold by ECOXGEAR themselves.  Additionally, we found the control button layout, speaker shape, grills and rubberized coverings to be attractive and impressively rugged. The speakerphone function works surprisingly well too, much to our delight. As most speakerphone/bluetooth devices can be rather echo-y or static-y. Overall, this is a very well thought out design and implementation.

One detractor we do have to point out is the top-side speaker grill, which protects the bass radiator… this grill is sturdy and does a good job to protect the speaker, but we noticed over time it began to bend downwards (in the middle)  effecting the system’s overall audio quality (basically the bass radiator would vibrate against the metal grill causing distortion). If you’re careful and don’t place any undue stress on this top grill you’ll likely never have an issue with this, but if you’re constantly jamming it into tight packs, dropping it or using it as a step-stool it’s something you should definitely look out for. A quick fix we came up with was to use a butter knife and slip under the back lip of the grill and apply upward pressure until the grill raised high enough off the bass radiator to eliminate the distortion.

Audio Quality : 

For such a diminutive system the ECOROX actually produces a surprisingly rich listening experience. Its two 6 watt front firing speakers and top mounted mini bass radiator work together incredibly to fill a room with crystal clear audio that is loud when you need it and subdued when you don’t. We’ve tested a lot of bluetooth capable speakers over the past few years and I have to say the ECOROX is at the very top of the list. It’s by-far the loudest in its size range and manages to deliver rich bass and exceptional mids and highs. Until someone comes out with something better ECOROX has set the bar when it comes to portable acoustics.

Functionality : 

The engineers at ECOXGEAR got it right this time around. With integrated Power, Pair, Play/Pause/Answer, Skip Track and Volume +/- control buttons laid out and simple to click – operating this speaker system is incredibly easy and intuitive. From a functional standpoint there really isn’t much more you could ask for, besides maybe an external USB charging port for phones and other USB powered devices. Beyond the easy to use buttons, ECOXGEAR has made paring via bluetooth a very simple one time affair. Once you set up the bluetooth network between the ECOROX and your phone/MP3 device they will from then-on automatically recognize each other every time the speaker is turned on. A few other highlights worth mentioning are the lighted indicators for power, battery life and bluetooth paring. 

As well as the “guts” of the operation at back of the unit, where there is a rubber seal that covers that charging port (micro USB) and an AUX line-in port for use with non-bluetooth devices. A simple feature that really impressed me was how quickly the ECOROX turns from ON to OFF and vice versa. This may seem like an after thought, but it’s something that stood out to me during testing. I’ve had the opportunity to test many bluetooth speakers like this in the past and for some reason holding the power button for 3 – 5 second has become standard operation. So when I realized how quick and easy this system was to power on and off it did impress me and I thought it was worth mentioning. All of the other buttons work similarly as fast too!

Waterproofing : 

While other “rugged” bluetooth speakers claim to be “Splash-proof” or simply water resistant, the ECOROX’s waterproofing is a notch above the rest. Rated at IPX7, we’re talking about a fully submersible speaker system that will withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter.  Seriously, need we say more?! During our testing sessions we took the ECOROX to the beach, pool and with us in the hot tub. Not only does it repel water and keep playing music flawlessly, it actually loves the water. Because the ECOROX floats, no need to worry about it sinking to the bottom or surpassing its 1 meter depth limit. If you live an active lifestyle by the water there’s not another speaker we’ve discovered that can handle wetness better. PRO TIP: Make sure to keep the rubber seal at the back of the speaker completely 100% sealed at all times (when not charging). Forgetting to do so leaves the entire speaker susceptible to water damage.

Durability : 

Beyond the bass radiator grill issues we discussed in the design category above, we didn’t find much to complain about in the durability department, but we should mention that along with the extreme waterproofing abilities the IPX7 rating delivers, the ECOROX is also fully dust proof and shock proof. While I wouldn’t personally suggest drop-kicking this speaker through the parking lot of your next tailgate… i’m fairly certain the ECOROX could handle it. WARNING: don’t dropkick this speaker… think about your foot! For more on the advanced rugged design of the ECOROX we’d now like to direct you to embedded video below – filmed in ECOXGEAR’s test lab. 

Value : 

We found the product to be an exceptional value. It’s waterproof, float-able, dust proof, and shock resistant. Not to mention it also plays music via bluetooth at up to 30ft from your smartphone or other bluetooth enabled device. Audio that is not only rich, but will fill a room. It may seem like we’re gushing over the ECOROX and that’s because we are. It’s a fantastic device and at nearly $130 it’s a steal in our opinion. 

Terms and Conditions : 

Scubareefing is not responsible for any wrong order/purchase of book and no refund/exchange can be conducted after receiving. Quality of product will be assured. 

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Elios Smoothskin Black Wetsuit 370.00 Black Smoothskin wetsuit for freediving from Elios. Made of high quality Heiwa neoprene. 

Open-cell inside for maximum warmth / Smoothskin outside for maximum silence and streamlined effect. Elastic, soft and durable. Great for spearfishing and freediving. 

Elios unique anatomic design guarantees unmatched comfort. Made up of 2 parts; high waist pants and a hooded jacket.

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Escape 45.90 Edit Images Delete