Image Name Price Description Action
Fisheye Light Fix Neo 2500 DX 729.90 Edit Images Delete
Flow Restrictor Up to 300 Bar, DIN, with Adjustable Flow Regulation 39.90 Edit Images Delete
Fourth Element Argo Dry Duffle Bag 69.90 Edit Images Delete
Fourth Element Hydroskin Short Sleeve 39.90

The Hydroskin Rash Guards are designed to wear under a wetsuit or semi-dry suit or as a UV shield for other watersport activities.

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Fourth Element Phone Case 14.90 Edit Images Delete
Fourth Element Sub-30 Technical Garment Wash 12.90 Terms and Conditions : 

Scubareefing is not responsible for any wrong order/purchase of book and no refund/exchange can be conducted after receiving. Quality of product will be assured. 

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Free Diving Nose Clip 60.00 A high quality Neo freediving nose clip from Apneautic.

Description Of Product : 

Great for depth disciplines, dynamic, static and swimming.

The nose clip is made of a highly durable polycarbonate with high resistance to wear and tear.

Equipped with soft rubber pads for optimized grip and maximum comfort during use and a floating string.

Supplied with protective plastic case.

Brand: Apneautic

Color: Transparent

Material: Polycarbonate

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GUL Power Slipper 49.90 Edit Images Delete
Halcyon Backplate With Secure Harness 289.90 As with most Halcyon products, an immense amount of behind-the-scenes work is required to create a plate that we are proud to sell. Halcyon backplates have been refined over the years, to provide the highest-quality finish and materials available.

 Small details, like the unique bends near the bottom of the plate, create an ergonomic curve, increasing diver comfort. Meanwhile, our precise fabrication process ensures the quality you have come to expect from Halcyon. 

Each Halcyon backplate is cut from the highest quality stainless steel, and sophisticated CNC machines mill every edge. This detailed process eliminates the sharp edges common with competitors’ plates. Machine polishing is augmented by individual handwork, perfecting both form and function.


Constructed from high-grade, polished stainless steel or hard-coat aluminum

Carefully milled surfaces eliminate sharp edges

Available in two sizes, both are compatible with any Halcyon BC component

Standard: 6-lb. (2.7kg) stainless steel or lighter weight 2-lb. (.9kg) aluminum

Standard-size plates are 15.5” X 10.25” (39.3cm x 26cm)

Small: 5-lb. (2.26kg) stainless steel or 1.8 lb. aluminum

Small plate measure 14” x 9.25” (35.5 cm x 23.5cm)

Utility holes allow mating with Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices as well as the small Halcyon dry suit inflation kit


The Halcyon Secure Harness provides an infinitely adjustable fit, eliminating the uncomfortable movement found in conventional jacket buoyancy compensators. This perfectly tailored fit means that divers of all sizes can enjoy a custom diving configuration that supports unparalleled stability and diving comfort. 

Moreover, this unique system is easily convertible, allowing one to adjust buoyancy or quickly switch from singles to doubles. Regardless of your future aspirations, this flexibility means your diving system can grow with you. From your first open-water dive to your 100th deep dive, Halcyon is with you all the way.

Key Features of the Secure Harness

Secure, continuous webbing provides a custom fit; eliminates unwanted tank movement

Pre-bent shoulder D-rings facilitate quick storage of accessories from Scout lights to stage bottles

Complete adjustability of D-rings eliminates inappropriate attachment points

EPDM elastic bands help secure accessories

Stainless Steel waist buckle

Adjustable crotch strap enhances stability, nearly eliminating unwanted tank movement

Halcyon Backplate & Harness comes standard with Blue H Webbing. It can also be special ordered with your choice of H colors: Yellow, Pink, Grey. Please allow extra time for delivery of special order items.

Terms and Conditions : 

Scubareefing is not responsible for any wrong order/purchase of book and no refund/exchange can be conducted after receiving. Quality of product will be assured. 

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Halcyon BigGrip™ Stainless Steel Bolt-Snap 3/8" (~ 10 mm) 9.90 "> Edit Images Delete
Halcyon Eclipse Single Tank Wing 500.00 Edit Images Delete
Halcyon Exploration Knife With Streight "H" Sheath 79.90 "> Edit Images Delete